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How it works

The ins and outs of Eye Help You

The ins and outs of Eye Help You

We call it Remote Staffing As a Service. We’re a service just like Weave or Netflix.

We call it Remote Staffing As a Service. We’re a service just like Weave or Netflix.

What can your team member do?

What can your team member do?

Three positions we can entertain for you are:

Three positions we can entertain for you are:

Administrative assistant
Data entry, pulling authorizations, posting payments, anything with forms, transcribing information.

Front desk
Answering phones, managing text messages, emails, and anything to make the front-of-office smoother.

Virtual scribing
Inside the room note taking all the medical findings.

Your team member FACTS

Only works for you
They are not employed by any other practice. They are dedicated to their role within your office and they will want to grow and learn within the position over a long period of time. They are grateful for a consistent employment opportunity.

Deserves to be treated like an internal employee
They want to feel like they’re part of the team, not like an external hard drive that you plug in when you need and take out when you don’t. We recommend giving them space to breathe so they can freely complete their work, but not give them any less support than someone onsite. They will take lunch breaks, sick days and vacations as well. You can also utilize them to work during office hours or on their own time if it’s mainly admin work.

Is your responsibility to train
Eye Help You supplies you with the talent, and assists with onboarding to make sure operations run smoothly. However, you will be in charge of training your own team members just as you would in any other new hire situation. We will be here for support if you ever need it, but we will mostly be behind the scenes.

Benefits to a contractor

The benefit to hiring remote is payroll cost reduction. There’s no payroll taxes, 401k, unemployment, health insurance…none of that.

They take care of all that stuff themselves. We estimate it’s about a 30% cost reduction. They’re really like a contractor that you’ll treat and utilize as a normal employee.

Language barrier?

They speak fluent English with easy-to-understand accents.

Bilingual speakers are available at your request. Some examples include Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, etc.

Time zones

The time zone difference between your remote team member and your office is likely 6 hours, depending if they’re based in Mexico or South Africa. They can work during your office hours if you want them answering phones, or they can work on their own time for data entry roles. It’s entirely up to you.


If you’re open Saturday, we can do that
for you.

Most team members are happy to work on Saturdays. Before hiring anyone, we will double check availability with each candidate.

Chatting with your team member

They’ll work with whatever you’re using internally.

How we communicate with you

Communication between Eye Help You, the remote team member and the practice needs to happen instantaneously, so we can be proactive about constant improvements.

We use a desktop and mobile app called Slack to communicate. It’s like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but more organized for business. And all of the team members are in the chats also, so you can communicate with them in real-time. Say goodbye to annoying emails!

We don’t want access to your PHI. We don’t need your passwords. That’s not why we’re here. We’re really here just to focus on the operational aspect.

We stick with you

This is not a one-off transaction like buying a puppy. When you hire this team member, we’re always going to be present. You’ll always have access to Perry, my co-founder David and the Eye Help You team to make things run smoothly.

Backup power

It happens; floods, power outages and storms. We make sure all virtual team members have a portable battery backup so they can work.

How do they get access to my EHR?

If you have a cloud EHR, they will simply log in via an internet browser with their own username and password.

If you have a server based EHR, remoting in can be done through TeamViewer, RDP, a VPN and other systems.

Phone systems

We connect your remote team member into your current phone system. Whether you use Weave, Vonage, DialPad or another phone provider, your team member will download the app to their computer or mobile device. If you are using a traditional phone line (not VoIP), you will be required to purchase a VoIP line so your team member can make or receive calls internationally.

In this instance, when a patient calls your main phone number, the call will be automatically routed to your new VoIP number so your team member can answer. If you’re not super technical, don’t worry. We handle all this during our concierge onboarding with our technical support team.

How do you pay for your team member?

We bill you through QuickBooks. We’ll send you an invoice and you can pay it via ACH or credit card (3% fee).

Once you have remitted payment to us, we take care of paying your team member internationally.

Your invoice will be the same flat amount each month. In certain situations, we may offer prorating if your team member has an illness that prevents them from working for an extended period of time.