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A Cost-effective Optometric
Call Center Solution

Eye Help You provides a talented team of remote staff and proprietary call center software to properly handle medium to large call volumes. Whether you are a busy 2 location practice or regional chain, our solution is scalable.

Same Call Center
Agents Daily

We build every call center team to be dedicated to one business only. Our goal is for every patient calling to be satisfied with their call outcome and believe they are calling the local knowledgeable office near them.

Every eye care practice has nuances in operations, products, hours, and EHR systems. Our team is dedicated to learning every fine detail.

Discovery and Planning

In order to know how to assist you, we need to do an assessment of your business. We will do a formal study of your current phone call operation to deploy an improved system.

How many call center members are you looking for?

How many phone calls do you get in an hour? In a day? Are there peak times?

Who is currently answering your phones in-office?

Who is your phone provider?

How are calls routed throughout your office to different people or locations?

Do you utilize 2-way texting?

Do you utilize a phone tree?

How do you handle following up with voicemails?

Do you track average hold times?

And more.

Call Center Software

We will set up and manage everything for you.

Get all the tools needed without large upfront investments, complex management, hidden fees and long deployments.

The features:
-Call Routing
-Call Recording
-Tracking and Monitoring
-Live Transfer
-CRM integration
-Analytical Reports

Our call center functionality is leading edge technology. We will use our experience in process engineering to recommend how to best use these tools.

2-Way Texting

Most offices utilize 2-way texting to chat with patients in real-time. Your team will adopt your current software system or we can deploy a software solution for you. The benefits of text are reduction of phone calls for the most common questions.

You can hire a
Bilingual Team.

English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and more.

Deployment Timeline

Scouting of premium candidates for you to interview

Step 1: Conduct video interviews online
Step 2: Signing of contracts to secure employment for candidates

Step 1: Technical setup of phones, software, access to EHR, etc.
Step 2: Conduct training and shadow
Step 3: Go live

*Saturday availability upon request
*Deployment of larger call centers may require additional time

Scale up when needed.

Whether you’re adding a new location, more doctors or if business is just booming, you can easily add additional team members as needed. Just let us know and we’re on the search.

Manage Your Call Center With A Team Lead

This person will be your strongest player and you will put them in charge to oversee daily operations, handle issues with difficult patients, make sure missed calls are followed up with and give daily log reports, to name a few.

Create a Training Program

Let us create a personalized Wiki for your eye care practice. This includes production of training videos, step-by-step guides with screenshots, formal policies, and call center instructions.